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VMD Grupa d.o.o.

Category Corporate Member Industry: Real Estate

VMD PROMET company for trade and construction was established on 1st September 1995. and is privately owned in whole. On 15th December 2005. two daughter-companies were established: VMD PROJEKT and VMD SERVIS.

Company residence is in Zagreb, Croatia, Ulica Grada Vukovara 269d. The company builds residential-commercial buildings by the principle of full service, and complete engineering from investments, design, supervision and construction. On 1st January 2011. company employs over 50 employees who work on design, supervision and construction. Besides company's employees, some 50 contractors with 200 to 300 employees work for VMD PROMET every day on design, supervision and construction. Gross income in last 5 years ranges from 200 to 330 mil. kn yearly. By the end of 2013. we've built: •66 residential-commercial buildings •890 flats •207 business spaces •10 business buildings •35 villas and embassies Residential complex of 32 buildings in Baboniceva street in Zagreb that is considered as most successful residential project in Croatia by real estate experts of Croatian architect congress - 'Real estate Oscar'.

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