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Welcome New Member: Sanofi-aventis Croatia d.o.o.
September 9, 2019

Welcome New Member: Sanofi-aventis Croatia d.o.o.

Sanofi, a health journey partner

Life is a health journey, with ups and downs, which can be big or small, lifelong or temporary.

We at Sanofi are there beside people in need as a health journey partner. Many are depending on us. We aim to protect, enable and support people facing health challenges so they can live life to its full potential.

We are a diversified company focused on human health, operating worldwide and transforming scientific innovation into healthcare solutions.

As a leading life-sciences company, we provide innovative health solutions across a broad spectrum of health conditions:

Whether it is a common condition like a cold, allergies, digestive troubles or serious conditions such as cancer or multiple sclerosis.

Whether it is to support a few people facing rare diseases; tens of thousands living with multiple sclerosis or atopic dermatitis; or millions of people with chronic conditions, such as diabetes or cardiovascular diseases.

Whether it is to protect populations through vaccines (from polio, pertussis or flu), or to support communities to fight malaria through prevention and affordable treatments.

In Sanofi more than 15 000 people are involved in R&D and we will invest 6 bn euro yearly in R&D by 2020.

Sanofi, Empowering Life

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