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Corporate Governance and Gender Diversity on Boards: Supporting women in business for their participation in Supervisory Boards
September 11, 2023

Corporate Governance and Gender Diversity on Boards: Supporting women in business for their participation in Supervisory Boards

Interactive online training by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development - EBRD for women in business, in cooperation with Center For International Private Enterprise - CIPE and Deloitte experts, will be held on 20 and 21 of September, 2023

EBRD is honored to invite you to an online training intended for women in business who want to learn more about the principles of good corporate governance and the functioning of Supervisory Boards. During the training, you will acquire technical, legal, and practical knowledge that will improve your management skills and prepare you for stepping into the Boardroom.

The training is intended for women who have adequate professional experience, formal education, and a desire to get involved in higher positions in companies, women entrepreneurs who want to professionalize the internal organizational structure and establish a Supervisory Board, and women entrepreneurs who passed on their businesses to the next generation or professional management and are now ready to take non-executive roles.
A team of experts from Deloitte and Deloitte Legal will present and share knowledge related to the following topics:

  • Corporate Governance, why it matters and what are the best European practices
  • Legal and regulatory framework of corporate governance (Croatian Companies Act, the Corporate Governance Code of the Zagreb Stock Exchange (2019), and novelties related to the Supervisory Board composition, OECD corporate governance rules)
  • European trends in terms of gender equality: EU Directive on quotas in Supervisory Boards of listed companies, and its implementation status across the EU countries
  • The legal and business framework of the Supervisory Board, composition, and jurisdiction
  • Duties and responsibilities of Supervisory Board vs. Management Board, with a presentation of the differences between monistic and dualistic systems of corporate governance
  • Prerequisites for the effective operation of the Supervisory Board
  • Supervisory Board’s Committees: Composition, their roles, and interaction with the Supervisory Board and the Management
  • The Role of the Supervisory Board in the time of crisis (war in Ukraine, inflation)
  • Writing the Bio for Board Non-Executives and Board roles search
  • Relevance of ESG.

The acquired knowledge will help you to better understand the overall corporate governance within your own organizations, the differences between the Supervisory Board and the Management Board, and everything about the monistic and dualistic system of corporate governance, the rights and obligations of the Supervisory Board in relation to the Management Board and other bodies, to familiarize yourself with the business reasons why your organization should consider the formation of the Supervisory Board and its sub-committees, (if it does not exist yet, and if there is already a Supervisory Board - to encourage you to apply and become an expert and educated member, and to effectively manage processes within it and make verified and high-quality decisions.

The estimated duration of the full training is 8 hours, and will be composed of 2 modules:

  • Module 1: Wednesday, 20 September 2023 (9:00 – 13:00)
  • Module 2: Thursday, 21 September 2023 (9:00 – 13:00).

If you are interested in joining this training, please find more information and the registration link here:
Hrvatska: Korporativno upravljanje i rodna ravnopravnost u Nadzornim odborima - EBRD (

For any clarification send us an email: Training will be delivered in Croatian language. Participation is free of charge, the number of places available is limited so please send your application promptly, not later than 18 September 2023.

Meet the lecturers:

1. Ivan Zornada
Ivan is a qualified attorney-at-law and partner in a law firm in cooperation with Deloitte Legal, primarily focused on assisting clients in a wide scope of general corporate matters and corporate transactions. With 10 years of legal experience, he advises domestic and international clients on various legal aspects of their operations, whether it involves new investments or well-established companies. Clients recognize him as a calm, authoritative, and constructive advisor, focused on collaborative solutions ensuring that deals are executed efficiently and smoothly. Before joining Deloitte Legal, he spent six years practicing law in a top-tier CEE corporate law firm.

2. Dražen Rajaković
Dražen is a senior manager of Deloitte business consulting in Zagreb. Dražen has more than 20 years of experience in work as a consultant, and significant experience in the field of risk management, corporate governance, internal audit, internal control, and implementation of projects that lead to organizational and business improvements. Dražen, as a project manager, collaborated with the EBRD on a dozen projects related to the improvement of internal procedures and the enhancement of corporate governance.

3. Karla Grgić
Karla is a senior manager in the risk management department at Deloitte Croatia. She primarily focuses on sustainability topics where she assists companies in implementing ESG practices, developing sustainable strategies, calculating greenhouse gas emissions, and preparing decarbonization strategies. She also supports companies with sustainability reporting (including the EU Taxonomy) and ESG ratings. In addition, Karla also provides support to companies in strategic topics such as the creation of corporate strategies, process optimization, restructuring, etc. As a senior manager, Karla contributes to a wide range of projects across various industries, helping clients cope with the challenges they are facing.

4. Jelena Kraljević
Jelena is a qualified Croatian attorney-at-law and specializes in corporate and commercial law, mainly through cross-border transactions in a variety of different sectors. Jelena advised in many strategic projects and M&A deals in Croatia, where she was operatively included in several practice groups dealing with the acquisitions of companies, and the development of projects in Croatia through various stages. In addition, her work includes supporting clients in a wide range of contractual and regulatory issues.

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