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Green Future Conference 2023 - Introduction
June 1, 2023

Green Future Conference 2023 - Introduction

The Green Future conference brings together innovators in technology, scientists, institution representatives, and public policy makers whose choices impact the entire society, to discuss today's most pressing issue: the shift to a sustainable economy.

Urban and e-mobility, environmental protection, business digitization, financing of green projects, public policies, and other topics of global interest will be covered by speakers from across the world on June 1 and 2, in Split's Croatian National Theater.

More than 950 people saw the first Green Future conference live, and it was supported by some of the biggest technology firms in Croatia as well as the public and private organizations whose main objective is to make the transition to a sustainable economy in the coming years.

After the spectacular first edition, the goal of the conference is to build on last year's success, by attracting an even greater number of top speakers and expanding visibility, with the mission of creating a stimulating atmosphere for connecting and actual work in promoting the concept of the green transition.

As part of the conference, a Startup Challenge will be organised for companies that develop innovative solutions in the field of sustainable development. The representatives of ten startups will be able to present their eco-ideas to the jury, win prizes and expert advice, and have the opportunity to network with industry titans and potential investors.

In addition to the lucrative prize money, contestants can win a Green Communication Award, awarded by the competition's main partner, Infobip, for its products and services in the amount of 100,000 euros in credits.

News about speakers, agenda, and numerous surprises for visitors will be published on the official website, as well as on the social networks of the conference.

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