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17th edition of Advanced Technology Days brings more than 60 sessions
November 29, 2022

17th edition of Advanced Technology Days brings more than 60 sessions

Advanced Technology Days will be held on November 29 and 30, 2022 in the Cinestar Arena center in Zagreb. The 17th edition of the conference will bring top-quality content divided into 5 tracks.

Participants can expect more than 60 sessions and 60 domestic and foreign speakers who will present new technological solutions and achievements, as well as demonstrate successful cases. The conference will be opened by Tomislav Tipurić (Nephos), Chris Reddington (GitHub), Sead Ahmetović (We Are Developers), Damir Dobrić (Daenet) and Ivan Marković (Unitfly). They will comment on the latest events, new trends in the IT world and show the latest technological solutions through several demos. Chris Reddington will also have a session From 'it works on my machine' to 'it was written by a machine', presenting GitHub Codespaces and GitHub Copilot and explaining how they help developers to be even more productive. Damir Dobrić will talk about the best Azure practices and show the architecture of complex solutions developed by him and his team. Igor Pavleković (Microsoft) will have two sessions, Hunting threads across the board, on security automation and the KQL industry standard, and Buy Zero Trust – a few kilos of it on the Zero Trust concept of continuous security control. On the second conference day, Luka Abrus (Five), Adnan Pavlović (We Are Developers), Damir Dobrić and Tomislav Tipurić will discuss the most demanded profession today - developers. We Are Developers, the largest European community of developers, did a survey this year that examined the habits of developers, and will present the results during the panel. The participants will also talk about what it means to be a developer today, how to learn, build a career and generally progress in today's IT world. It is only a part of more than 60 sessions, and the schedule can be viewed here. Registration fees for Advanced Technology Days are currently available at the Early Bird price and can be obtained via the link All AmCham members can have 10% discount when using the voucher code: ATD17-AMCHAM.

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