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Microsoft Unveils Advanced AI-Powered Innovations
September 22, 2023

Microsoft Unveils Advanced AI-Powered Innovations

Microsoft, a global leader in technology innovation, is ushering in a new era of Artificial Intelligence with the introduction of Microsoft Copilot to its products, a revolutionary AI companion designed to transform the way people interact with technology.

This groundbreaking development harnesses the power of chat interfaces and large-language models, allowing users to communicate with technology in natural language and receive intelligent, context-aware responses and actions. Starting September 26, 2023, Microsoft Copilot will begin its early rollout in the next release of Windows 11, with availability expanding to Bing, Edge, and Microsoft 365 Copilot this fall. Microsoft 365 Copilot will be generally available for enterprise customers on Nov. 1, 2023, along with Microsoft 365 Chat, a new AI assistant that will completely transform the work process.

Microsoft is also announcing the upcoming release of a major Windows 11 update, set to launch on September 26. The Windows version 22H2 update marks a significant step forward in the world of AI-driven computing and promises to deliver highly personalized computing experience to users around the world. AI-powered enhancements have been integrated in Windows apps such as Paint and Photos. Other new features include more ways to capture screen content, various updates for Clipchamp, Notepad and Outlook. Along with Windows apps, Microsoft web browsers, Bing and Edge will also be enhanced with advanced AI models delivering a more personalized and efficient online interaction. All these innovations are set to enhance the Windows 11 user experience, making it more intuitive, productive, and personalized.

As a part of the new update, Microsoft is introducing Microsoft 365 Chat, a dynamic AI-powered assistant that delves into your work data, including emails, meetings, documents, chats, and web information. Microsoft 365 Chat goes beyond basic Q&A, helping users tackle complex or tedious tasks, such as drafting strategy documents or managing emails, with unparalleled efficiency.

Last but not least, the newest addition to Microsoft 365 consumer apps – Designer, will be powered by Open AI’s Dall.E3 text-to-image model, thus enabling users to unleash their creativity and transform ideas into visually compelling content. Microsoft is integrating Designer into Microsoft 365 Copilot for consumers, starting with Word. By leveraging the context of documents, Designer suggests visuals, providing a personalized touch to user-created content. Integration allows users to transform text-heavy documents into visually engaging materials.

Microsoft’s new Surface devices provide the perfect platform to showcase the amazing AI capabilities of the latest Windows update. You can take advantage of the useful AI experiences with powerful devices like the new Surface Laptop Studio 2, the balanced Laptop 3 Go, the portable 2-in-1 Surface Go 4 for Business and the premiere collaboration device for hybrid work – Surface Hub 3.

In today’s world, AI is not just a technology - it's a transformative force that empowers individuals to achieve more in every aspect of their lives. For Adriatic countries, this means keeping up with global innovation, and we can already see examples of economic growth across various sectors, including manufacturing, finance, and insurance. We can use AI for optimizing energy consumption and managing natural resources, and in that way contributing to sustainable development in the region. And importantly, AI will create new job opportunities in the tech sector and other industries that leverage AI technologies”, said Kalin Dimtchev, Country Manager of Microsoft Adriatics.

Microsoft's vision for the future revolves around AI that empowers individuals to achieve more in their personal and professional lives. These innovations signal the company's dedication to delivering user-centric AI experiences, with a commitment to privacy and security. As AI continues to shape our world, Microsoft remains at the forefront, ensuring AI serves as a valuable tool for all.

Learn more on the Microsoft 365 blog  and the Security blog . And for all the blogs, videos and assets related to today’s announcements, please visit Microsoft News Center.

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