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New position paper „Recommendations for Tax Reform in 2020“
October 5, 2020

New position paper „Recommendations for Tax Reform in 2020“

With the aim achieving a more competitive tax system and consequently, Croatian economy, American Chamber of Commerce in Croatia has published a new position paper „Recommendations for Tax Reform in 2020“.

The position paper proposes a number of measures aimed at improving the functioning of the tax system, including measures of reducing the tax burden on labor contributions (income tax) and reducing the tax burden on some employee income.

Besides already proposed recommendations, the position paper contains new measures regarding necessary changes to the tax treatment of “remuneration in kind“, taxing income from bonuses in the form of allotment of shares and equity option contracts (that is including limited liability companies in the implementation of options plans and net vs gross remuneration with regard to option plans).

AmCham's „Recommendations for Tax Reform in 2020“ are available here.


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