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October 20, 2023

The New Platform of the Electronic Public Procurement Classifieds (EOJN)

Mr. Ostap Graljuk from Official Gazette and Mrs. Tajana Repulec from Infodom were guest speakers at the meeting of AmCham''s Public Procurement Committee.

The topic of the meeting was the presentation of the new Platform of the Electronic Public Procurement Classifieds (EOJN). The new platform foresees numerous novelties aimed at facilitating the implementation of public procurement procedures for bidders and contracting authorities.

Several contracting authorities are currently participating in the pilot project, and from January 1, 2024, mandatory application will be made for all contracting authorities. It is important to point out that all the public procurement procedures that were started on the old platform will be brought to the end on it as well.

AmCham's members expressed their satisfaction with the fact that a large part of their comments, which were listed in the position " Proposals for the Improvement of the Electronic Public Procurement Classifieds of the Republic of Croatia”, was adopted and integrated into the new EOJN.


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