Digital Economy Committee


  • 1. Multiannual financial framework of the European Union – opportunities for ICT sector and digitalization/automatization of the Croatian economy 
  • 2. What Croatia needs to do to attract ICT investment (list of enhancements the government needs to accomplish to attract ICT investments)
  • 3. Data monetization (availability of state collected data for commercial use) 
  • 4. Computer science education in schools (updating the curriculum in the educational system primary, secondary and higher education
  • 5. Building the next generation cloud supply for Europe – ensuring fair and open competition/participation for all cloud suppliers
  • 6. Digital Services Act (EU)

Representatives of the following member companies participate in the work of the Committee: 
A1 Hrvatska d.o.o.
Adcubum d.o.o.
Adecco Hrvatska d.o.o.
AGB Nielsen istraživanje medija d.o.o.
Atlantic grupa d.d.
Ciklopea d.o.o.
Cisco Systems Hrvatska d.o.o.
Diverto d.o.o.
Etranet group d.o.o.
EuroNavigator d.o.o.
Facebook Ireland Limited
Gettheworldmoving GmbH (Trading Name: Virgin Pulse)
Google Hrvatska d.o.o.
Hrvatska banka za obnovu i razvitak
Hrvatski Telekom d.d.
IBM Hrvatska d.o.o.
INDAGO d.o.o.
iOLAP d.o.o.
IQVIA Adriatic d.o.o.
Krehići i partneri Odvjetničko društvo d.o.o.
Marsh d.o.o.
MasterCard Europe - Podružnica Zagreb
Microsoft Hrvatska d.o.o.
Divjak, Topić, Bahtijarević & Krka odvjetničko društvo d.o.o.
Odvjetničko društvo Ilej & Partneri d.o.o.
Oracle Hrvatska d.o.o.
PricewaterhouseCoopers d.o.o.
RIT Croatia
Roche d.o.o.
Selectium d.o.o.
Serengeti d.o.o.
Telemach Hrvatska d.o.o.
Udruga digitalnog zdravstva
Visoko učilište ALGEBRA
Vlahović Grupa d.o.o. - Vlahovic Group Government Relations

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